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If we had to pick three words to quickly describe our buddy Damaricus, they would goofy, funny, and loud! Damaricus has never met a stranger and loves talking with and entertaining people of all ages. You know what else Damaricus loves? Basketball. He’s always happiest playing a pickup game with friends or neighbors. During his alone time, Damaricus is a big fan of hip hop and soul music. And he is always ready for playing some old school Atari video games. But as is the case with all children, Damaricus isn’t always so happy-go-lucky. Damaricus has traveled a difficult path to get where he is today, and some days the trauma he’s experienced along the way gets the better of him. Although most kids his age respond well to structure and discipline, Damaricus struggles with this due to his past. He’s never had a consistent, strong male role model in his life, and he hasn’t learned yet how to respond appropriately to that kind of influence. That has led to issues at school and at home, but the good part about these struggles is that Damaricus is aware that he has some work to do. He doesn’t shy away from that work, but he needs a family to give him a safe space to put in that work and help support him. That’s where you come in. Damaricus needs a family led by a patient, supportive female. He’d also do well with a really laid-back male father figure. Damaricus also needs to keep his family circle small. He doesn’t thrive surrounded by more than a couple of siblings. Despite his penchant for being loud and funny on his own, being around a large group of people — even ones who love and support him – is a bit much to process. We just want Damaricus, and you, to be in a situation where he has the best chance to thrive and keep learning. That’s what he wants, too. And he’s ready.

Age: 15

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