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Meet Daniel, a teen boy with a quirky sense of humor and a passion for video games. Daniel's favorites include Pokemon, racing games, Fortnite, and Sonic, but he also finds joy in building model boats, cars, airplanes with Legos. His taste in music leans toward hip hop and when it comes to food, he's all about the spice. From chicken buffalo wings to meals from KFC and Popeyes, Daniel relishes it all. But life hasn't been all fun and games for Daniel. Hailing from Kingston, Jamaica, he’s been disappointed and let down by family before. This has led to trust issues and difficulties in forming relationships with adults. Daniel's interactions with authority figures can be challenging, resulting in some issues at school, despite being smart. He has an IEP to help him catch up with his peers, and he is an eager and willing student. Daniel's journey hasn't been easy, but he remains hopeful. He's currently attending therapy and doing his best to navigate his past and look forward to a brighter future. He wishes for a family – ideally a small household with a married couple, where he could be the only child or the oldest. Daniel's resilience is remarkable. He's faced his share of obstacles, but he's also a testament to the strength of the human spirit. Given the right environment and support, Daniel's potential is limitless. If you can provide Daniel with the love, patience, and understanding he needs, please submit an inquiry to learn more.

Age: 15

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