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Our buddy David, like most kids on the Heart Gallery, has traveled a winding path to get to this point in his life. There have been high points for sure, but David has experienced more disappointment and loss than he should have. It’s time we create a new path for David. A path that recognizes those past traumas as much as the strengths and potential he has. Where does that path start? David is a loyal, smart, and strong young man. He loves swimming and trying tricks and stunts off the diving board. That adventurous spirit carries over into his love of watching BMX bike videos. One of his dreams is owning his own BMX bike. Another dream is a simple but important one – he said he wants “my own bed and TV in my future home.” David has a hard-earned fear of being left alone without a family. He knows what abandonment and loss and deep disappointment feel like, and those emotions have left some scars that will heal with time. David needs a mom and a dad who will provide him with the attention and support and sense of belonging that he has yet to experience. Ideally, he would be the only child in the home, but having older siblings would be fine. David has some trauma to work through, but he knows what family means and he’s willing to work hard to have that again.

Age: 17

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