Credit and Appreciation go to: Samantha Daniels Photography


This young lady has one of the more unique names on the Heart Gallery – Alaska. So what is Alaska like? She loves to ride her bike, and she loves to spend time outdoors and get dirty. Alaska also likes dressing up and she is super artistic and creative. Alaska has a sweet, kind personality and she makes friends easily, but she likes being the leader of the pack and can get a little bossy with her peers. Alaska doesn’t have a specific family type she needs to thrive. You’ll just need to be welcoming, supportive, and structured. It might help to love our friend Alaska like crazy! To learn more about her, just ask below.

Age: 6

Help Alaska Find The Perfect Home

Pastor Brad & SOCO Church

Inquire About Alaska

A family has been identified for Alaska! She will remain in our Heart Gallery until her adoption has finalized.

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