Credit and Appreciation go to: Brandi Connor


Our friend Deonta is a simple man. He loves basketball just about as much as he loves pizza and video games (he’s a big Call of Duty fan!). He’s also great at math and is super-organized. Deonta is quiet and reserved. He’s not a big fan of crowds and prefers smaller settings. Deonta can be a bit of a follower, which can get him in trouble if he hangs out with the wrong crowd. He can get a little irritated with his peers at time, but this is mostly a by-product of his general preference to have time to himself. Deonta would prefer a family with a single mom, but he’s open to a home with a mom and dad if it’s the right fit. It’s not often you see a young man like Deonta – organized, quiet, laid-back. If you think Deonta might be a perfect fit for your family, let us know!

Age: 15

Inquire About Deonta

A family has been identified for Deonta! He will remain in our Heart Gallery until his adoption has finalized.

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