Credit and Appreciation go to: Jenny Stricklin


Denice has a beautiful smile and responds well to positive reinforcement. Denice is such a good helper and feels a sense of pride when she is able to help others. However, she does struggle with catching on to new things and at times, it takes her a long time to understand what is put in front of her. But Denice never gives up and loves being recognized for her hard work. Denice struggles some with her behaviors when frustrated, but she’s learning to use her coping skills more and more each day. Denice needs a forever family that will love her and provide her with structure, consistency, and love. She has such potential to be an amazing woman if nurtured and loved by a patient and understanding forever family that can see through her pain and uncertainty and see her for who she can be. For more information feel free to inquire below.

Age: 18

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