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Being in foster care is tough, folks. A lot of kids, especially the oldest kids in the family, often blame themselves for the circumstances surrounding their coming into care, when the reality is almost always that their parents made a series of poor choices that affected their kids’ safety. The guilt that these kids feel sticks with them, and it impacts their lives in a variety of ways. Ace is one of those kids who feels responsible for his siblings coming into care (even though he’s not…at all!), and the guilt he carries with him makes him angry at times. He gets mad at himself, or he gets mad at his parents, or he just gets mad at the world for the life he’s been forced to lead so far. And do you blame him? He’s a kid trying to make sense of things without a loving, caring, supportive family to help him sort it all out. That’s a tough assignment, but there’s hope for Ace. He’s a super smart young man who excels at school and at sports, and he has the toughness and determination to be a huge success in life. He just needs a family to wrap around him and help him see that he’s not responsible for any of the bad things that have happened to him or his siblings. He needs a family to lighten the load he’s been carrying and allow him to just be Ace…the kid who unapologetically loves junk food and playing baseball and basketball. Ace is a special kid, and he has that certain something about him…he just has that “it”…that will take him as high and as far as he wants to go in this world. He just needs a family to give him the OK to lay his burdens down and fly.

Age: 14

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A family has been identified for Ace! He will remain in our Heart Gallery until his adoption has finalized.

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