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Let's meet Gabriel, lovingly known as Gabby, a creative and caring teenage girl who finds joy in the beauty of life. With her passion for arts and crafts, Gabby spends countless hours drawing, coloring, and crafting, letting her imagination run free. She is a meticulous individual who takes great care of her belongings, appearance, and personal hygiene, cherishing every opportunity to get her hair beautifully braided. Gabby loves to write in her journal, using it as a means of expressing her thoughts and feelings. Despite facing challenges such as diabetes, and struggles with handling anger, frustration, depression, and anxiety, Gabby is proactively working on her emotional management through therapy and guidance from her supporting staff. Gabby finds solace in a loving home environment, thriving best either as an only child, the oldest, or the youngest. She cherishes nutritious meals and treats herself with her favorite foods: pizza and hamburgers. Gabby is a compassionate soul, always ready to help others and show empathy. Her warm personality shines through in her fondness for attending church, sharing hugs, and being a source of support for those around her. If your family is ready to embrace a bright, artistic, and caring teen like Gabby, submit an inquiry below to learn more!

Age: 18

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Out of state home studies are not being considered at this time. Arkansas residents may inquire.

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