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Look, being in foster care is tough. No sugar coating it. Uncertainty. Anxiety. Distrust. Our kids feel these things nearly every day, with no healthy family support system to help them process their emotions in a positive way. Our friend Destiny is one of these kiddos. In a moment of raw truth, she told us she misses her mom, but she understands that she isn’t in a position to care for her. And she doesn’t let her emotions and her feelings define who she is or who she can become. She’s stronger than that. But she needs your help. She needs a family to teach her how to deal with that uncertainty, anxiety, and distrust and to show her, again and again and again, that they will be there for her as she continues to mature and grow into an amazing young woman. It sounds cliché, but taking that leap to share your life with Destiny is literally the opportunity of a lifetime – for you and for her.

Age: 17

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