Meet Dontae, a very kind and polite teenage boy looking for a forever home! Dontae tends to be shy at first, but once he gets comfortable, he is talkative, outgoing, and his sense of humor really shines through. Dontae is family oriented. His biological siblings are a big part of his life, and he loves them very much. Dontae is such a team player – sports and group activities are some of his favorite things. When he’s not having fun interacting with others, Dante enjoys collecting Pokémon cards and busying his mind with Rubik’s cubes. While he’s usually positive and upbeat with others, Dontae struggles with self-sabotaging and can be negative with himself at times. He also struggles to control his emotions and impulses. For this reason, Dontae needs a family with two parents, where he is primarily the only child, and can receive a lot of focus and love. It is also important to Dontae that he is allowed to keep a contact with his biological siblings. Could your family be the one to make a difference in Dontae’s life? Submit an inquiry below to learn more!

Age: 13

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A family has been identified for Dontae! He will remain in our Heart Gallery until his adoption has finalized.

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