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Ecya is a great kid with a lot on his mind. Most of the time, he’s a happy, well-adjusted, regular teen boy. He likes hanging out with his friends, spending time outside, and just being around other people. He really enjoys having friends and looks forward to his time with them. But Ecya is clearly aware that he needs a family to call his own. He struggles sometimes with the reality that he has a biological family who can’t provide him a safe, stable home and that he needs (and wants) a new family to give him what he needs – a sense of safety and belonging and home. This is real stuff, folks. Every now and then, when things slow down for Ecya and all of his friends have gone home and it’s just Ecya and his thoughts, he can’t help but get anxious and emotional about the ideas of adoption and family and home. Ecya’s new family is out there, maybe reading this right now. He needs you to open your hearts and minds to the possibility of adopting a teen like him. He’ll fit in to your home immediately and be a great son and brother to his new siblings. But only if you give him the chance. Inquire about Ecya now…you won’t regret it.

Age: 16

Help Ecya Find The Perfect Home

Pastor Brad & SOCO Church

Inquire About Ecya

A family has been identified for Ecya! He will remain in our Heart Gallery until his adoption has finalized.

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