Elias is a young kiddo who is full of life and love! He loves being active; playing outside and riding his bike are some of his favorite things to do. He loves drawing and all things Marvel! He’s a good listener and is very smart. Being a young fellow, sometimes it can be hard for him to express his emotions, but he does well with people who provide him lots of patience, stability, and consistency. A family dynamic that would be able to provide this would be ideal. As anyone else, Elias does better in situations where he feels safe and is comfortable. So, his family would need to take time to build a space for him to feel safe and allow him to reach his full potential. If you think you could be this family for Elias, please fill out a form below.

Age: 7

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A family has been identified for Elias! He will remain in our Heart Gallery until his adoption has finalized.

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