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Elijah 'Eli'

Our buddy Elijah is a multi-talented young man! He’s got a real knack for computers and video games, but he also loves to cook and learn new skills and recipes in the kitchen – especially ones including steak or ramen. When it comes to sports, his interests are just as varied. He loves mountain biking, track, football, and basketball. And if you’re an Oklahoma Sooners fan, Elijah will be thrilled. His favorite NBA team is the Oklahoma City Thunder, and he wants to go to college at Oklahoma, too. Elijah really enjoys going to church as well, so he hopes his new family shares his faith and enthusiasm. Elijah’s new family also will need to be committed to providing clear structure, expectations, and consequences. Even though teens rebel against these things, they secretly need and want them, and Elijah is no different. Coming out of trauma makes this type of home environment even more important. Elijah said he wants a mom and a dad – and pets! – and although he’d prefer to be the only child, he does great with other kids and would be an awesome brother. He has older adult siblings that he remains in contact with, so he knows how powerful that sibling bond is, and he hopes his new family will allow him to stay connected with his older siblings. Elijah has so much going for him, and any family out there would be lucky to have him in their home. So don’t hesitate – inquire about Elijah below!

Age: 16

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A family has been identified for Elijah 'Eli'! He will remain in our Heart Gallery until his adoption has finalized.

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