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All of the kiddos on the Heart Gallery have experienced some form of trauma in their young lives, but some have really been through the ringer. Our friend Eleasah is one of those kiddos. She has every reason to be bitter, angry, and hateful, but she chooses to be a light in this world. She places a great deal of her self-worth in how she looks, so she loves to give herself makeovers and fix her hair in new and different ways. You can hear her singing away in the restroom as she refines her look for that day! She also enjoys shopping and camping, and she hasn’t met a piece of cheesecake yet that she hasn’t loved to eat. That’s not to say that every day is full of roses for Eleasah. Because of the trauma she’s endured, she gets depressed and can struggle with low self-esteem and healthy boundaries. That’s part of why she places so much importance on how she looks, too, and she can take that side of her personality a little too far at times as she finds ways to express her need to be wanted and loved. But the good news is that Eleasah knows that she is a work in progress, and she’s not afraid to work hard to learn better ways to make herself feel happy and loved. She needs a younger, two-parent family with no other kids to help her continue the positive path she’s on right now – a family that has the time and patience to help her realize that she’s much more than a physically beautiful young woman, but also a spiritually beautiful person with so much to offer and be proud of. Eleasah is primed to make a huge impact on this world, and she needs you to help her do it.

Age: 16

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A family has been identified for Eleasah! She will remain in our Heart Gallery until her adoption has finalized.

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