Quon and Devorin

Brothers Quon and Devorin are a great couple of kids. Older brother Quon is in the band at school where he is a really good student. He loves playing and watching football, and like any other teen he enjoys playing video games. Little brother Devorin loves following in his big brother’s shoes. He loves football, too, and he enjoys baseball and soccer as well. He also loves video games and really enjoys being active. Devorin can be a little shy at times and suffers from motion sickness. He also has some hearing issues. Quon just wants to protect his little brother and live in a home together. We don’t think that’s asking too much, is it? These brothers would do best in a two-parent home where they could get plenty of attention and support. If that’s you, ask for more info below.

Age: 14, 8

Inquire About Quon and Devorin

A family has been identified for them! They will remain in our Heart Gallery until their adoption is finalized.

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