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Viola and Olivia

Kids come into foster care for all kinds of reasons, and kids react to that trauma in all kinds of ways. Sometimes, those reactions are relatively simple amplifications of normal kid behaviors. Other times, they are intense, direct reflections of the trauma they’ve endured. This is the case for these two beautiful sisters, Viola and Olivia. They have endured some terrible things, and their behaviors show it. They don’t respect boundaries, they can be aggressive and mean, and they both act out sexually. We’re keeping it real, folks. These two sisters have been through some difficult times. But Viola and Olivia are sweet, loving kids when they start playing together and forget the past for a while. They love pizza and cake, just like every other kid. That’s who they are and who they will be moving forward with the help of their team and your family. It will not be an easy road initially. The girls must slowly learn what a safe, stable, loving family looks like, and they have to trust that they won’t be hurt again by the adults who love them. They’re both making huge strides in therapy, and their team is confident they’re ready for this big step together. They need a family who is committed to structure, consistency, clear boundaries and expectations, and a lot of patience. Grace, mercy, love, and understanding also must be front and center with the girls. Slowly, you’ll be able to show them what a family is supposed to be like, and every day, Viola and Olivia’s behaviors will start to reflect their new experiences, not their old ones. What an incredible opportunity to shepherd them through this phase in their lives and help them into the next chapter…with you.

Age: 6, 5

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A family has been identified for them! They will remain in our Heart Gallery until their adoption is finalized.

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