Credit and Appreciation go to: Ashley Carson

Kenji, Desire, and Antonia

All siblings on the Heart Gallery hold a special place in our heart, and these three are no exception. Big brother Kenji is outgoing and smart, and he loves riding his bike, watching cartoons, and building things with Lego sets. Middle sister Desire is talkative, sweet-natured, and affectionate. She enjoys playing with other kids her age, swinging, and being outdoors. Little sister Antonia is a bubbly, friendly, and affectionate girl who is compassionate and helpful. She loves playing with Barbies and working on craft projects. Like most kids in foster care, these three siblings have some baggage they’re working on unpacking. Kenji struggles with being told no and he can be very stubborn. Desire struggles with boundaries and sometimes assumes a parental role and can get a little bossy. She also has some difficulty staying focused. Antonia struggles with adjusting to new environments and needs time to calm down when she is upset. But these behaviors are temporary by-products of their past experiences and are being replaced by new, more positive behaviors every day. We can’t wait to see how they blossom when they truly know they’re home. Kenji, Desire, and Antonia will need a family who is consistent with routines and discipline. This structure, even though it may sound overly tight, will really allow them to feel safe and supported as they grow and mature. We’re super excited about these kids’ bright futures. If you want to explore being a part of that future, let us know!

Age: 10, 9, 7

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Pastor Brad & SOCO Church

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A family has been identified for them! They will remain in our Heart Gallery until their adoption is finalized.

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