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Autumn and Kaston

These two siblings – big sister Autumn and her younger brother Kaston – are waiting for just the right fit with a family. Their path to the Heart Gallery has been a winding one, but not due to any issues on their part but to those of their family. Despite the starts and stops along the way, both Autumn and Kaston are happy kids who get along with each other really well. Autumn tells us that Kaston likes to mess with her stuff sometimes, but that’s just Kaston being a little brother! These two love being around each other and love being part of a family. Autumn enjoys spending time playing with her dolls and dressing up, and Kaston loves playing outside where he can climb on things and run around. They both told us that pizza is their favorite food, and Kaston likes pineapples on his! These two kiddos need a two-parent home to continue their progress and development, so if that’s you, let us know.

Age: 11, 8

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Out of state home studies are not being considered at this time. Arkansas residents may inquire.

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