Persia, Legacy, and Treasure

These three girls – Persia, Legacy, and Treasure – all want the same two things: (1) to have a little brother to love on, and (2) to live together with a new family. Big sister Persia loves science, and she’s a great communicator as well. She may have a career in science education in front of her! She gets along great with her peers, with older kids, and with adults. Persia is just a pleasure to be around. Middle sister Legacy is a math whiz, but she struggles a little with reading. She’s very sweet and loving, and is super friendly with everyone. Little sister Treasure is cute as a button, really enjoys reading, and does her homework with no issues. Focusing at school, however, is a struggle for Treasure, and she often gets in a little trouble at school for not following rules. After a nap, though, Treasure usually comes back to herself and is just fine. Persia can struggle a bit with her attitude at times, and when she gets tired or frustrated she’s been known to throw a healthy fit or two. Legacy is a typical middle child and often looks for creative ways to get attention, even if her approach isn’t always the best option. But really, none of these behaviors are out of the ordinary or unexpected. Persia, Legacy, and Treasure are three normal kids who have found themselves in extraordinary circumstances because of choices their original parents made, and now they need to find a new family. A family to allow them to find that sense of home, stability, and support that they couldn’t find before. The girls have no set dreams for how that family should look, other than their wish to have a little brother to dote on and love on. So if the idea of having three amazing young ladies come into your life is your dream, let us know!

Age: 10, 9, 6

Inquire About Persia, Legacy, and Treasure

A family has been identified for them! They will remain in our Heart Gallery until their adoption is finalized.

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