Russell and Carley

Everyone, please meet siblings Carly and Russell. These two teens love each other like crazy, and count time spent together, doing just about anything, as their most special memories. Carly is very shy at first around people she doesn’t know yet. She loves eating pizza, drawing, and working on arts and crafts. Older brother Russell is a big fan of hamburgers and chili dogs, and he’s always up for spending time with his buddies or playing video games. Like most teens, Russell isn’t a big fan of following rules. He’ll push a little to see what he can get away with, but he’s a good kid and will quickly learn what his boundaries are. Both Carly and Russell are smart kids, and they know what adoption is and what it will mean for their futures. They’re both excited about building a great future with a family all their own, but they also are old enough to have vivid memories of the good times with their old family, especially Russell. They both really want to be adopted, but they are going to have times where they miss their original family, despite the circumstances that brought them into care. Their new family will need to allow them the space to have those moments and not be worried. It’s a natural reaction for kids who are navigating these waters, and it’s OK. Carly and Russell will reward that patience and grace with an even deeper trusting connection to you. Because that’s what family does.

Age: 16, 14

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Out of state home studies are not being considered at this time. Arkansas residents may inquire.

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