Credit and Appreciation go to: Meredith Benton Photography

Amie and Calvin

Have you ever thought, “You know, our house is missing the laughter and joy of children?” Maybe your first thought was a cute and cuddly baby, but then an idea pops into your mind, “What about a teen?” And as you look at this picture of Amie and Calvin, your heart adds the idea, “What about two teens?” I can feel the warmth growing in your heart and the see the smile spreading across your face. Amie and Calvin are looking back into your eyes in this photo, but they could be looking back into your eyes face-to-face as their forever family. Amie struggles with ADHD and making friends, and yet she is loving and affectionate. She can be found either reading or doing puzzles and always ready to grab the curling iron and hair dryer to style anyone for a new hairdo. Always attached at her side is Calvin. They are like peanut butter and jelly, but when it comes to actual food, Calvin prefers burgers and fries more. You might catch him reading or up first on Sunday excitedly ready to go to church. Calvin and Amie’s forever family needs to be able to provide an environment where they are the oldest, while also understanding that Calvin has developmental delays and will require patience and dedication to helping him become the best young man he can be. Now the new question pops into your head, “How do I become their forever mom, their forever dad, their forever family?” To find out more, fill in your information below.

Age: 17, 16

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